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Top Tips for Exercising with Osteoarthritis

An inflamed, hot or painful joint needs rest, but too little exercise can cause muscle weakness, pain and stiffness. People with arthritis should do some form of physical activity every day. The exercise you choose should ideally help with: Mobility – to stretch and...

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10 Ways to Manage Osteoarthritis Without Medication

If you suffer from the pain of Osteoarthritis but don’t want to take more medication, here are 10 ways that can help manage your Osteoarthritis. Flexiseq - avoid side effects such as cardio-vascular and gastro-intestinal problems associated with commonly used...

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Do you have Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a breakdown of cartilage inside the joint. A joint is a structure that allows movement at the meeting point of two bones. Cartilage is a firm cushion that covers the ends of the two bones, absorbing shock and enabling the bones to glide smoothly over...

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