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This article first appeared on the Mansam website titled ‘How Do Elite Athletes Manage Injury Prevention?‘.

When we injure ourselves during a backyard game of cricket or football, often it’s not really the end of the world. We slap on an icepack and go about our day like nothing had happened.

But for an athlete competing at an elite level in an event such as The Olympics, injury is something that is constantly on the mind. One wrong step or one wrong move could mean the end of a season, or worse, put them out of the running for a huge competition like an event final in an Olympic Games.

Australian Olympic contender Genevieve La Caze is all set to represent Australia in the 3000m steeplechase, a gruelling event that involves runners clearing a number of jumps throughout the event. Genevieve also severely injured herself back in 2013, bringing about a premature end to her season.

She shares with MANSAM Magazine her top tips for injury prevention.

  1. Listen to your body – If you’re feeling pain of any sort, there’s usually a reason for it. I always make sure to listen to my body and not overdo the training when I’m tired or rundown.
  2. Use a topical Gel – I like to use Flexiseq on any stiff or sore joints after training. It really helps with combating signs of inflammation
  3. Foam Roll – I like to foam roll my quads, ITB’s and hamstrings after training – this tends to help a lot with wear and tear as a result of constant training
  4. Stretching – The value of stretching should not be underestimated – I do this before every session to make sure my body is ready for the demands that will be placed on it during training
  5. Ice Bath – I love ice baths! We use these regularly as a recovery method after racing to help flush inflammation from the muscles and joints – if you don’t have one handy an ice pack on tender spots will work well!