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Step 1: Ensuring you have the right dose

The first time you use FLEXISEQ™, estimate the amount of gel you need to squeeze out of the tube as follows:

  1. For a knee, shoulder or hip, a line as long as your index finger.
  2. For an ankle, wrist or the fingers on one hand, a line as long as half of your index finger.

It is important that you personalise the dose for the particular joint you are treating.

You must allow the FLEXISEQ™ gel to dry for at least 10 minutes, or until the skin is touch dry before covering the area.

If the gel is taking longer than 10 minutes to dry, you have probably applied too much.

The excess can be wiped off and you should try using a little less next time.

If the gel is taking less than 10 minutes, you should apply a little more next time.

Step 2: reducing the application time

Having completed step 1 and ensured you have worked out the right amount to apply for your particular joints, you can reduce the time it takes for FLEXISEQ™ to dry by:

  • Warming the skin before applying the gel
  • Using a hairdryer on a medium setting after applyingthe gel, which should reduce the drying time to about 2 minutes
  • Evenly cover the soft tissue at the front and the back of the joint (do not apply to the knee cap)


Download How to Use Flexiseq Guide

It is important you read the patient leaflet carefully before use.