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This article first appeared on the Running Divas website titled ‘Recovery Tips from Rio Olympian Genevieve La Caze‘.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to pounding the pavement, you’ll be well aware of how easily injuries can be sustained as a result of frequent exercise.

While a healthy and balanced exercise regime is important, the recovery process post training session is also absolutely essential. This will allow the body to rest and recover between workouts so that you can hit each session with maximum intensity and get the most out of your training!

Genevieve La Caze is an Olympic contender who is set to represent Australia in the Steeplechase event at this year’s Rio Olympic Games. As an elite athlete, she’s well aware of the importance of recovery after training, and shared her top tips with Running Divas.

  1. Stretching: Stretching is absolutely essential when competing at an elite level. It helps to have a full range of motion before beginning a race, and I always make sure to add this in before all of my sessions.
  2. Trigger Points and Foam Rolling: I always use a firm ball (a lacrosse ball usually), to trigger point my glute muscles, high hamstrings, and lower back. I also like to foam roll my quads, ITB’s, and hamstrings after a particularly demanding training session.
  3. Massage: I usually book in for a massage once a week for about an hour to help with soreness and stiffness in my muscles.
  4. Joint Protection: We runners put a great deal of stress on our joints, especially around the ankles. I apply Flexiseq after training – it’s a topical gel which really helps with any stiffness I feel in my joints after an intense session.
  5. Ice Baths: Freezing cold, but I actually really like ice bathing after a session- it helps to suppress inflammation and any damage done during a run or post race. If you don’t have one of these handy, using ice packs on swollen and inflamed joints can also help fight pain and inflammation