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Real osteoarthritis patients tell of their experience with FLEXISEQ. The following testimonials are unscripted accounts that are submitted through our website.

I have experienced osteoarthritis in my thumb joint for many years. Current creams work somewhat with limited improvement.
After using Flexiseq for just on 6 months, the pain significantly reduced after only a few applications. If I forget to apply the gel twice a day, I do start to feel the pain creeping back into the hand.
I also have far greater movement in the joint now. I wouldn’t be without Flexiseq.

Niddrie, Vic, Australia

I have extremely bad arthritis through out my body. In particular my kneecaps. These I have been concentrating on with Flexiseq.

The pain has eased using Flexiseq, and I am now centering the cream around my kneecaps hoping to improve their strength and flexibility. As I recently had a locked knee cap,I think that this could be an ongoing treatment.

I really would like to purchase Flexiseq without having to order it online each time.

Thank you.


I started using Flexiseq and it took about a week for the pain to start easing and did not last long. I got in touch with Flexiseq and they got back to me the next day and solved my problem. The staff are brilliant and so helpful but the ointment is a true winner. My stiff fingers can bend a little without pain and the swelling in my hands and feet is amazing. My hip feels so much easier. My shoes don't hurt so much and so much more comfy. I will never go without my ointment ever. Thank you Flexiseq and thanks to very patient staff members you are my life saver thank you!


The pain in my finger joints was gone 10 minutes after applying the gel AND it hasn't flared up again all day! I'm over the moon getting such fast and lasting relief!

Victoria, Australia

Amazing, I thought it may be just another sports cream but when I started using Flexiseq I was surprised how quickly I felt the amazing results. I have far less pain from my osteoarthritis in my spine that effects parts of my cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. I find I have more flexibility and less pain after a days work and I don't wake with the sore joints I used too.

Victoria, Australia

I have tried many different gels for Osteoarthritis in the past with no luck so I was a little weary about trying something that not only had to be ordered online but also cost a little more than the other products which failed to provide any relief, but I was desperate to find something that actually worked.
I applied Flexiseq twice a day as recommended and on about the 3rd day I began to feel less stiffness allowing my legs to move with more ease and much less discomfort than usual. After about a week I have noticed even more improvement - Very happy with this. Thank you!


I've been experiencing Osteoarthritis in my hands and tennis elbow for years. I've tried so many solutions with very little luck until now. Flexiseq has been amazing. I almost got instant relief, particularly in my hands. Whilst I've only had it for a week, I've already been recommending it to my work colleagues.

Ballarat, Victoria

I tell you what it really works! I couldn't believe how quickly it worked and the relief I got from it. Amazing results and now I have no pain and more mobility. The Osteoarthritis in my hands was affecting me at work and I was in a lot of pain. I highly recommend Flexiseq!

Dingley, Victoria, Australia

Initially I was a little skeptical of the product as I have previously used other arthritic relief products. I was pleasantly surprised that after only two days of applying the gel twice a day as recommended, there was a noticeably improvement in the degree of movement in my hands and the pain relief. I would recommend others to give flexiseq a try as it has been very beneficial for me.

Victoria, Australia

Have been using Flexiseq - it took a couple of days to start working but I will certainly be purchasing it again. I have more mobility in my joints and the swelling is going down. It has also relieved the pain so overall I am happy. Thank you so much Flexiseq

Umina Beach NSW, Australia

Thank you, received my Flexiseq Gel and I am impressed, it does help !!! I told my friend her husband suffers also.
It has made a real difference. Its almost finished, has helped a lot. I have been impressed with the results and don't have to wait too long for a result. I will have to go on line and order more soon. Thanks again for a great product.

Tully QLD, Australia

This gel works well and very quickly in my case, I have experienced relief. It works great on my knees...Flexiseq gel does help. Good luck!

Victoria, Australia

I thought Flexiseq was going to be just another of many arthritis creams. To my surprise it wasn't. I have been using it on my thumb joints and its fantastic. The best thing is that it doesn't have a strong odour. Very happy.

Vic, Australia

My Physiotherapist recommended I try this product for my knee and to my pleasant surprise it has made an improvement in the short time I have used it. I had tried many other creams with minimal success but this seems better than the others.

Victoria, Australia

I've got severe osteoarthritis of the right knee after a few ops and rugby injuries. Flexiseq gel provided almost instant relief, and I've subsequently recommended it to several acquaintances. Best bit is that a little bit goes a long way.

Melbourne, VIC

Absolutely marvellous. Within a few days I could feel the benefits of this wonderful product. I was in continual pain in my spine due to osteoarthritis, now I have Flexiseq gel I feel much better. I even introduced Flexiseq to my Physiotherapist to try.


Have been using it for a couple of weeks and have found my knee is definitely not in a much pain as it was.

Victoria, Australia

I am very happy with the product which I use on my left knee joint where I have osteoarthritis. the product relieves the stiffness in the joint and also the pain. I am much happier using a wipe on gel that taking tablets and pain killers for the same result. My only criticism is the fact that it isn't rubbed in but left to dry on the joint. This is inconvenient more than a major issue. I am happy to purchase this product for continued use.

Victoria, Australia

* Results will vary from person to person.