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This article first appeared on the Yahoo website titled ‘Olympian Genevieve La Caze spills her food and exercise diary‘.

After famously stage-bombing Kylie Minogue’s performance at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Genevieve La Caze is back in fighting form, setting a string of personal bests in the lead up to Rio.

Here she shares her typical day on a plate, including what it takes to train for a gruelling event such as the steeplechase.

Genevieve’s food diary

Pre Breakfast: Banana with peanut butter, a coffee and half a protein bar.
Post workout late brunch: Two soft boiled eggs, some cottage cheese, two slices of ham, half an avocado, half of a tomato, all on a bed of spinach.
Afternoon snack: Greek yogurt and gluten free cereal.
Dinner: usually some form of carbs, plus fresh veggies and at least 250g of meat.
Extra snack: Fruit.

Genevieve’s exercise diary

“There really is no ‘average day’ in my training regime,” Genevieve tells Be. I train every day of the week except for Fridays, which I take off completely to rest. Different days also involve different kinds of training.

“The one thing I always make sure to do before every running session is to stretch. This is such a great way to get your muscles limber and ready for the stress that you are about to put them through. It’s always essential to stretch properly to avoid injury and soreness – two things that plague every elite athlete in the lead up to any form of competition. The absolute last thing you want is to injure yourself just before a big event like the Olympics!

“As a runner, there is a lot of cardio involved in my exercise and training regime. As mentioned above, I do different kinds of cardio on different days, usually beginning at 9.30am in the morning.

“On Tuesdays I run a tough track session. Running on the track is a great way to acclimate myself with what the real race will look and feel like under my feet. It’s usually a pretty gruelling pace, around 11.5 kilometres in a period of 50 minutes. This helps me to push my body and always go for that personal best time.

“After training I make sure to foam roll. I use a firm lacrosse ball to trigger point my glute muscles, high hamstrings, and lower back. This basically involves pressure and release techniques, which deactivate sensitive points and knots that have built up in the fibres of the muscles in the above mentioned areas.

“Foam rolling is up next. I like to foam roll my quads, ITB’s, and hamstrings. This increases blood flow throughout the body, allows my body better movement, and increases my range of motion. This is great, because it decreases my recovery time post workout, and also decreases a chance of injury.

“After foam rolling I rub some Flexiseq into my joints, which helps with pain and stiffness, but also aids in improving overall joint function.

“On a Tuesday, I also add in a gym session. Depending on how I’m feeling post gym, I usually pop in time to do an ice bath. I know the very idea of it sounds super uncomfortable, but I actually quite enjoy them. Ice baths help to reduce swelling in muscles and joints, and will also flush lactic acid out of your body at a faster rate.

“The evening following any training or gym session I always pop on some compression tights when I go to bed. Again, this helps flush the soreness from my muscles.”